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Everyone needs relief from anxiety and stress in their daily lives. We offer 30 sessions of relaxing music to help you sleep freely. We know that your time is money, so we have created this application that will help you to get the relaxation you need and therefore a better deep sleep. Improve your health and you will improve your life. ❤

Find a comfortable place and choose the meditation music that suits your tastes and needs at any time. An easy-to-use interface with beautiful images will make it your favourite music for sleeping.

✅ Don't waste your time mixing sounds or browsing applications with many options to configure.
✅ Change the white noise to relaxing sounds for sleeping that are more beautiful and equal or more effective.
✅ Enjoy our long sessions without repetition and avoid applications that repeat the same music every few seconds
✅ Music for meditation can be heard in the background while doing other things
✅ Take advantage of this unique experience completely free of charge, without subscription or purchase.


⭐ 30 sessions of music for meditation (+ 8 hours without rehearsal)
⭐ Sleep sound with MP3 quality
⭐ Listen to relaxing music inside and outside the application
⭐ Get relief from headaches, cure insomnia, stop snoring and get a deep sleep
⭐ Set the timer so that the music stops when you want it to.
⭐ Easy to use and beautiful design with full screen HD images
⭐ Translated into 20 languages

Start enjoying the relaxing music to sleep freely that we have created for you.

Do you need relief from the anxiety and stress of your daily life? Do you want to replace white noise with something better for your ears? Are you looking for more relaxing sleep? Do you want to relieve headaches, cure insomnia or stop snoring? If one or more of these questions are yes, it means you should try our application.

Improve your health and sleep deeply, and if you want even more, check out our applications for nature, classical piano, chillout, etc. and you'll have one for every situation you need.


1. New "DREAM" section with 3 more sessions. Total of 30 now.
2. Changed to an adaptive icon.
3. Redesigned main menu.
4. A few more visual changes.


Dorothy Barrows

2020-09-30 02:54:10

Clear, comforting music with superb graphics blends harmony and vision to take listeners on a remarkable new journey towards self-healing and calm. Truly refreshing and unique. Well done, well done!

Jeffery Rayford Sr

2020-09-25 12:40:52

I've been using this MEDITATION RELAXATION APP for Quite a while now and find that I wake up more Relaxed especially the more I use it. HOWEVER I'd be Remissed if I didn't mention that this is the 1st review that I've given EVER. Also I wanted to make sure not to be BIAS Towards this APP as I've alw...

Puneetha / Maggie

2020-07-17 01:45:09

Excellent application, it doesn't repeat the same song with satisfaction that we can listen to when we are good at yoga, writing, etc.

Bree Carter

2020-07-15 02:35:53

I've been listening to the "Zen" option for years now, and it has become a comforting sound for me. I have severe anxiety that hits me at random and raises my heart rate from my average of 79BPM to almost 110BPM. With this playlist, I fall asleep instantly and my anxiety subsides..

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